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Rising Models Photography in Atlanta | Child Model

November 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sure your child’s adorable, but could he/she be a rising model? There are few routes to get started by either self looking for work or getting an agent to represent your child. Having an agent opens up the large venues for bigger projects.

First thing, you should google is kids fashion photography just to see who is trending. If you don't have an agent representing your child, do you need the professional headshots and photos to submit? The answer is no. But I am a strong believer that professional images done by a professional that knows what agents and casting directs are looking stand out and you get a better chance to be signed. Plus it shows the agents that you are serious about your child's career. 

If you hire a professional photographer, spend the money.  Photographers put a lot of work into their images to make sure your kid looks amazing, so be prepared to spend. This is what you need to ask the photographer:

~two headshots (one smiling, one serious)

~full body shot in fun stylish clothes

~an editorial style image that looks like a magazine ad

~get 3 looks if you can: different outfits and hair up and down

To BOOK your session with us, email info@AGpicture.com

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