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Model portfolio Atlanta | Children modeling pictures

July 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There are so many beautiful kids and they can't all be models, right? That is truth. 

Agencies look for "spark," even in babies. A child's personality should be so great that it shines through in a picture. Agencies look for children who don't just stare at the camera but look, on film, like they're embracing it -- and whether your child photographs that way is hard for you to judge yourself. You know your child's personality so well that you see it without effort. The question is, will everyone else feel drawn to your child just by looking at her photo?
Agencies are looking for children who have a ton of personality and is happy and smiling.

Our ultimate goal to create the images that draw attention and land your child a contract with the agency and get your child auditions for major projects. Please contact us today to get your child started in the entertainment and commercial world info@AGpicture.com

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