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We are published in Simple Buckhead Magazine | NFL Behind the Mask Book VIP party

August 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We are published in Simply Buckhead Magazine photographing Takeo Spikes Behind the Mask VIP Party

Takeo Spikes was an all-star linebacker in the NFL for 15 years, recently celebrated major off-the-filed victory, the publication of his first book Behind the Mask. More than 150 friends and acquaintancies joined the two-time Pro Bowl player at the Estate in Buckhead Atlanta to commemorate the new book, which features interviews with some of the game's greatest linebackers, including Hall-of-Fammers Mike Singletary and the late Chuck Bednarik, along with photos that Spikes himself took. Numerous former football players were on hand to toast his achievement, including Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier and Warrick Dunn. The book launch, which began with the public signing a few nights before at Taco Cowboy in Midtown, raised $10,000 for the Grant D Knowledge Foundation, started by another former NFL star Deon Grant ~      by Simply Buckhead

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BehindTheMask-365BehindTheMask-365NFL party book presentation event photography


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