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July 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

What’s in a headshot? For starters: your look, your brand, your type, your age range, your possible occupations, your professionalism, your socioeconomic background, your personality traits, your inner emotional life…Yikes! That’s a lot of pressure to put on one photo! Is your headshot really that important?

The simple, honest answer is “Yes!” Your headshot is a crucial part of your package; in fact, it’s the front page. You may not judge a book by its cover, but you will certainly be judged by your headshot. Your audition begins the moment you walk into the room, but your headshot may allow or prevent you from getting into that room in the first place.

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Photo of actor / model #LanceHuff


Lance_Huff-126Lance_Huff-126 Lance_Huff-57Lance_Huff-57 Lance_Huff-76Lance_Huff-76 Lance_Huff-25Lance_Huff-25 Lance_Huff-8Lance_Huff-8 Lance_Huff-35Lance_Huff-35 Lance_Huff-42Lance_Huff-42 Lance_Huff-69Lance_Huff-69 Lance_Huff-11Lance_Huff-11


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